In January 2018, I travelled to Senegal. Within a few days, I discovered that the country was alive with music. Everywhere I went, local musicians welcomed me into their world with overwhelming enthusiasm. I tried to record as much as I could, but having only a mobile phone with a bad microphone meant a lot of missed opportunities.

What little footage I had received positive feedback, including a video that went viral. An idea started to form: I would return with better recording equipment and make a documentary. Joined by my good friends, Oryan Peterson-Jones and Andrew Pritchard, who had just finished making a music documentary in Cuba, our plans started to take shape.

The goal is to film the many amazing musicians that I met during my trip to Senegal in 2018, pay them for their performances, and put together a high quality music documentary. In the long run, we hope to establish a platform to not only share this music of Senegal with the world but also send funds back to the musicians.

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